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What are the Scheme 1 & Scheme 2 options?

When  completing the Personal profile you will be able to set "Scheme 1 & Scheme 2" payment option.

Scheme 1: Customer pays 100% of the cost of transfer to Intui. Intui will pay to you your Net cost. You will invoice Intui each month for completed (executed) orders for the reporting period.

Scheme 2: The Customer makes an advance payment in the amount of Fee to Intui. The Customer will pay Your Net cost to you at the meeting point of the transfer service to the driver, according to your rules. You can specify those rules in your account.

Depending on the scheme you chose, the customer will be offered one or both of payment methods for order in the system. 

We recommend you to choose "Scheme 1 & Scheme 2".  This will be more attractive for the clients and travel agencies and it means more sales of your transfers. Travel agencies take 100% payment  from clients for the whole package: Hotel + Flight +Transfer - that is why for transfer payment, Travel agencies choose transfers with only "Scheme 1".

The scheme can always be changed in the future.

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